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Exploring the Opportunities: House of Elaan Visits Ibadat University for Summer Internship Program

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On 2nd April 2024, a meeting was held at Ibadat University, Islamabad. The management of the House of Elaan, Mr. Obaid Ayub,The Director of the House of Elaan, Mr. Shah Murad, Mr. Ehtesham, Mr. Hanan, and Miss Syeda Manal Tirmizi visited the university. And they meet HOD of Computer Science Dr Maryam Zaffar her area of specialization is Artificial Intelligence, Lecturer Mr Touseef Sajjad  and Assistant Professor Mr. Muhammad Nadeem  in Data Science ,Computer Network.

First, that meeting offered a point where comprehensive discussions were had, and where networking, contributing insight, and devising a roadmap toward the all group’s success was achieved. Mr. Obaid Ayub, the director of the House of Elaan presided over the event and participant’s speeches were developed through a collaborative discuss based utilization of their knowledge. It was a very interactive session, where each contributor pointed out vital perspectives, sending out a strong message by sharing their commitment to the mission and values of the House of Elaan.

Giving great attention to the need to improve the abilities of the future generation. As part of the focused process, throughout the founding ways. The House of Elaan has introduced its internship program for the students of Ibadat University by wishing to excel in their academic life. This program represents an opportunity for all of the students to shine as they go through the process of real life experience including mentorship and exposure in their career field.

The Internship Program will be the starting of multiple Technological Projects, truly value added to the student activities and involving them in science and technology related activities.

The start of the meeting was marked with a particularly outstanding introduction personified by Ms. Manal she provided an integrated narrative for an inspirational and joint crowd movement. Miss Manal started her speech by expressing her most gratefulness with delight. Her genuine enthusiasm was reflected by the presence of the students and they were fascinated by her speech.

Ms. Manal talks to the students about the Elaan members, the experts who can be trusted and committed to their areas of competence. She deeply honored their merits and gave insights as to how they can be role models for current challenges.

The first person to introduce himself was Shah Murad, Art Director. He was happy to share his expertise and gain experience during his work as a designer. He gave the spotlight to the students, who took turns sharing their preferences and the goals that they envisioned in art and design. Shah Murad introduced himself eagerly and talked about his interest in design and creativity. Students were free to spark their interests and hopes within the fields of arts and design. Once they set foot inside the room, each student eagerly exchanged their fresh perspectives and immersed themselves in their novel goals, which quite practically made the room buzz with excitement.

Then Mr. Ali Ehtesham, Technology Development Manager presented a speech followed by an active question and response period where the attendees and students had the opportunity to interactively engage and get deeper insights from the accomplished guest. Each student asked him a question, getting interactive answers coupled with practical suggestions and encouragement.

Questions varied from queries about the latest technologies to what would be the most engaged strategies in the advancement of tech careers. When asked about that, Mr. Ali answered with a market and rightly angled point as well as taking from his ordeal and knowledge, he was able to impart the greatest possible advice to the excited junior engineers.

Then Mr. Abdul Hanan, Dgital Marketing Manager gave the next speech that started by presenting himself to the students and later went on a lecture.

He also stated that his background and skills were in the digital marketing sphere. He told about his highlights on the way offering a case in point showing the influence of digital media on increasing both the prospects and engagement. He stressed the relevance of intellectual flexibility, acuity in problem-solving, and management through data analytics in the intricate landscape of digitalism.

The House of Elaan and the University of Ibadat recently came up with a thought provoking scheme to open up an internship program. This futuristic endeavor that will stimulate young minds is another milestone in the education evolution where every pupil will garner those thought processes, skills as well and experiences that are currently required to triumph in the fast paced world of today.

This internship program is about feeding on the notion of teamwork and achievement in unleashing the creative and unconventional abilities of young people. In practice, students will receive advisory and mentoring as well as the opportunity to go into field in the different areas, including technology and business. Using a joint effort of different professionals, not only expertise is harnessed but their isolation is also undermined, which allows us to see things from different, broader perspectives.

In the end, Mr Obaid delivered a speech that was extremely inspiring and encouraging. And his ability to allude to his message with such warmth and conviction made him notice that every individual’s participation is instrumental in the emancipation of society.

On the other hand, Mr Obaid Ayub highlighted the meaningful advantage that the training brings about for students to improve their skills and to get essential practice. He portrayed clearly through the doors that would open up the roles of youth as the future workers in the nation. This connection between participation and future jobs was very evident.

Mr Obaid Ayub encouraged students to grasp every moment this internship had offered them, assuring that each step they met and overcame would be a plank to their desired destination. He described the wealth (both career-wise and personally) that was out there for those prepared to take the risk and rely on a bit of luck.

Through the support and encouragement of their colleagues and the teacher, the students showed their grit by approaching the coming chance as a concern of not only skill fortification but also the achievement of their primary aims.

In the closing moments, both the management of Ibadat and the participants extended their heartfelt appreciation to the House of Elaan for their exemplary efforts in organizing the meeting. They expressed gratitude for the valuable opportunities provided and conveyed their optimism for future collaborations and similar events. With mutual respect and anticipation, they looked forward to continued partnerships that would enrich the educational experience and empower the youth for years to come.


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