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Exclusive Interview of Ms. Gulnora G. Makhmudova on “Eurasian Perspective” on Planet FM 87.6

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On 26th July, 2023, Ms. Gulnora G. Makhmudova, Chairperson International Business Women Association of Uzbekistan was invited as a guest speaker, by Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram in the programme “Eurasian Perspective” on Planet FM 87.6, Radio Pakistan.
Multiple aspects were discussed during the interview like the nature of the business and what services they provide, what the aspects of doing business in Uzbekistan are and how Women from Pakistan can be a part of their organization. M. Gulnora Makhmudova started by explaining about her women-led business. The International Business Women Association is a non-governmental organization established in 1991 by 12 women entrepreneurs under the name of Tadbirkor Ayol, to assist women who want to do their own business. The support for the organization comes from donations, grants and membership fees. Currently, the organization has expanded to 18000 women, and to national and international platforms; like Malaysia and USA. She went on to explain how government of Uzbekistan supports women’s rights and gender equality through legislation and reforms like low taxation and easy loan instalments.
Ms. Gulnora Makhmudova invited Pakistan women entrepreneurs to become a part of Business Women Association of Uzbekistan and encouraged them to come to Tashkent to start their own business in textile industry. She said “we are happy to provide legal and financial guidance to women of Pakistan, who are looking for international opportunities. The government and Uzbeks will be honoured to welcome our Pakistani friends to our country and will assist them throughout”.
She also mentioned about the rich culture and history of Uzbekistan and she that it is a country full of ancient history, hence people from Pakistan should definitely visit for tourism or business purposes. At the end of the interview she gave a message in which she said that “we find Pakistan, a very interesting country and would like to do more corporations with it. I, being the chairperson of business women association of Uzbekistan offer to help any entrepreneurs, who are interested to start their business in Uzbekistan. They can reach out to us through our social media and we will try to be of assistance in any way possible”.

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