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Islamabad(Big Digit) : CDA action against illegal water connection

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On the instructions of Chairman CDA, under the leadership of Deputy DG Water Management Wing, action was taken against illegal water supply connection despite the holiday on Saturday.
In Bari Imam and Quaid-e-Azam University disconnect about forty more illegal water supply connections. A few of these connections were re-connected. A total of around 150 connections have been cut and issued orders on the occasion of filing FIRs and imposing heavy fines against those who have made illegal connections again.

For the past several months, water supply to Islamabad was affected due to illegal connections. And the water pressure in the sectors of Islamabad was drastically reduced and the number of complaints were increase on daily basis. Because of the number of illegal connections, the pressure in the lines of the small dam was reduced. And the quantity of water was not reaching the big tanks of Islamabad. And civilian sectors of Islamabad were getting affected. Since starting against these connections the pressure drop in the main water line has decreased somewhat. And the water supply in the city has improved.

On this occasion, Deputy DG Water Management issued strict instructions to the staff that all remaining illegal connections should be disconnected immediately. And continue full action against them. All connections should be severed especially on Bahra Kahu and Simli Road. And water connections should be given only as per the approved and minimum requirement of the rural area. And for this a formal policy will be made and a formal policy will be made together with the representatives of the rural area. And revenue will be collected by installing meters. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who do not cooperate.

Citizens are also requested to use less water. And especially avoid washing cars and washing floors. In case of violation, water supply staff will immediately issue a challan. And in case of non-stop, FIR will also be registered.

Report illegal connections and water wasters to CDA Water Management Helpline 03357775444. CDA staff will take immediate action.

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