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Khanewal (Big Digit): Police could not trace the incident of robbery at the house of a London resident

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Khanewal police could not trace the incident of robbery at the house of a London resident. Despite the passage of a month, Babar could not leave the closed street. London Plut Citizen Insaf Kale Dar Badr. According to the FIR, police station City Khanewal will register a case number 646/24 in which it is alleged that three known persons were involved in robbery along with the petitioner Mr. Ali. Khanewal is. Today at around 12:50 pm, three unknown persons entered the house of the questioner in the absence of the questioner. And the questioner’s wife, mother and three children were present in the house. Which is how the clothes of the accused are. One accused aged 26-27 years, dark complexion, thin and fat, one accused aged 36-37 years, medium height, brownish complexion, one accused aged 40-42, tall, brownish complexion, his face was open. Those who can be identified when presented, the accused searched the whole house and took away the cash amount of three lakh 75 thousand rupees, gold ornaments weighing 17 tola, three sets of pendants, three rings, two sets of forks, four sets of bracelets. In the house of Qari Abdul Hameed son of Salman, who came to teach the Quran to the children, he was also caught at gunpoint and after beating him, he locked him in the room and tied a cloth over his mouth. They were also locked in the room and the accused left at 1:28. On which the family members called the questioner and summoned the questioner along with witnesses 1. Saddam Hasan Son of Dr. Muhammad Hasan Pracha Sakna Block No. 5 Khanewal 2. Muhammad Yasin son of Haji Zainul Abidin Sakna Colony No. 1 Khanewal and others came. Those who saw Bachsham place themselves, the accused even threatened to kill the children on their way, the accused have severely abused them. A case should be registered against them. Not interested. Evidence will not be obtained through geofencing and even suspects will not be investigated. In this regard, the citizen Atif Paracha is of the opinion that he has appealed to the British Embassy to give him legal assistance, while the local police is of the opinion that an attempt is being made to arrest him.

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