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Role of Creative Designing and Digital Marketing in Real Estate Industry: Radio Interview of Mr. Shahmurad Shabbir, House of Elaan

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On 6th June, 2023, Mr. Shahmurad Shabbir, Digital Art Director, House of Elaan was invited to the live radio program ‘Breaking the Barriers’ hosted by Laraib Fatima, on Planet FM 87.6, Radio Pakistan.

In the interview, Mr. Shahmurad Shabbir talked about his interest and aspirations in the field of Creative Designing. He told that he manage creative works, digital workflow, design campaigns and product launching. His main work is basically to train, assign tasks and give directions to his team to create innovative new designs. The design team works under his supervision which deals with graphics, art and visuals. He told that, He became a young art director at the age of 25 only because of his family and mentor’s support and motivation.

While talking about the barriers in his career journey in Creative Art and Designing he said that he had to face many hurdles in his journey and he had to give a lot of time and energy to his work.

He stated that, with the advanced AI technology, which plays various roles, we can take ideas from AI tools, use key words for help, but it cannot replace human creativity in art and designing. AI cannot create new ideas like humans do. Human minds can generate new ideas with new animations and innovations.

In Real Estate Sector, Digital Marketing plays very important role for example, Creative designing is also used for advertising purposes. Me along with my team observe structures of buildings, their architecture and design then we generate new and innovative ideas out of it. We use different tools like manipulation, color scheming, shadow lighting etc. We put all our efforts in making designs to make our company successful in the market.

Ms. Laraib Fatima acknowledged the work of Mr. Shahmurad Shabbir and thanked him for his useful conversation about digital art and designing. Mr. Shamurad Shabbir gave suggestions to the beginners who want to learn creative designing, there are various social media platforms and applications to learn new skills and gain experience in designing.



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